Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hello Dollies : Christmas in July

"Pockets" by Wendy 
What a fantastic Christmas in July celebrated at Hello Dollies  … thanks to all who came and contributed to such a beautiful lunch, an amazing show and tell and a truly inspiring challenge. The challenge was to create a doll from a child's book....  There were so many beautiful dolls and each was sensational -  what is  not to love about each of them?
- Marg's delightful Alice 
- Connie's Mad Hatter and Rapunzel complete with tall tower all made of fabric
-Wendy's amazing "topsyturvy" doll, complete with miniature sewing studio, all packed into a decorative suitcase decoupaged with scenes from "Pockets" 
- Vicki's ravishing red headed Dorothy with her red sparkly shoes 
- Bobbi's Mad Hatter and  White Rabbit 
- Jo's humorous wannabe ballerina, Edwina the Emu 
-Shannon's elegant Lady Bird 
-Wilma's exotic Bold Assam gentleman 
 I want to add my personal congratulations to all—outstanding high quality work . Wow, everyone is getting better and better  with some exceptional  “Russian” techniques displayed by Shannon and late night
expertise by Jo.  While I don’t want in any way to detract from the skills of all the doll makers who participated., I think by the sighs of admiration and bewilderment, Wendy’s doll in her own suitcase, with the exquisite sewing room, as an interpretation of a heart warming story  was just the most wonderful response to any challenge we could have imagined. 
Bobbi's Mad Hatter, Shannon's Ladybird, Wilma's Bold Assam 

Bobbi with her Mad Hatter and White Rabbit

Wendy with her "Pockets" 
Marg's Alice 

Connie's Mad Hatter and Vicki's Dorothy 
Connie's Rapunzel 
Jo's Edwina the Emu, ballerina with Bobbi's White Rabbit looking on. 

And if the challenge wasn't enough, we had a fantastic "show and tell" - comfort animals, Japanese souvenirs, artistic wire chairs, imaginative fairies, and a couple of revisited Christmas dolls and vintage favourites  - so impressive! Well done, Hello Dollies. 

 At the next meeting, we will be learning how to make a “toile”  for a doll to help you create specific garments for your dolls.  In Australian and British terminology, a "toile" is a version of a garment made by a fashion designer or dressmaker to test a pattern. They are usually made in cheap material, as multiple toiles may be made in the process of perfecting a design. Toiles are sometimes referred to as "muslins" in the United States, named for the cheap, unbleached cotton fabric available in different weights. from Wikipedia 
See you at Scrap Needs on 23 August.
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