Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hello Dollies Joy in June

face moulds samples by Vicki 
 Hello Dollies meeting at Scrap Needs in June was a smaller meeting, but huge on sharing ideas and techniques. I thought it was one of the best group meetings we've had for awhile, with everyone contributing either experiences with products or techniques - I personally found your ideas and advice really helpful and useful. Thank you ... The theme was moulds, and in particular face moulds. Of course we had the usual brilliant session of "show and tell"  ...
New elves and fairies by Bobbi

Holly by Margaret
bear purses and babies by Jo and Vicki 
Shannon,  inspired by "How to Train your Dragon" and with her flower art doll
Some of the products, discussed,a assessed and demonstrated. 
Reminder that we will be meeting in Lambton on 26 July for a special "Christmas in July" meeting and unveiling of the challenge dolls.