Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fantastic Fascinators, High-spirited Hats and Hair-raising Headdresses

Ann's doll with a creative headdress 
At Hello Dollies' November meeting, doll makers and their dolls wore fantastic fascinators, high-spirited hats and hair-raising headdresses. 
Gloria explaining a doll prize  won by Wendy 
'dolly ' fascinator

enjoying show and tell 

discussing show and tell 

enjoying  fascinator stories 

Fay looking great in her pink tiara/headdress 
 "Show and Tell" included dolls from favourite renowned doll makers
Susie McMahon doll 

Trudi Billingsley dolls 
dolls collected during travels to exotic places ; 
Marg's Chinese ethnic dolls 

And of course, our own creations - all amazing wonderful examples of the art of d oll making ....
Mixed media art dolls by Bobbi; Melbourne Cup flapper & champagne glass by Jo
Vicki's dolls 
Watering can fairy house and cork princess by Shannon 

Ann's doll 

Wilma's dolls 

"The Princess and the Pea" - 30 layers of mattresses and blankets sewn or crocheted and original doll by Wendy 


Judys Fabrications said...

That would have been a fun meeting.Is this in Gloria's shop?
Some great dolls.

Wilma said...

hi Judy, thanks yes it was a really wonderful meeting at Anne's Glory Box in New Lambton. Anne's Glory Box will be moving to Coffs Harbour in February,but our doll group will continue to meet in Newcastle. There have already been some amazing moving sales of beautiful things in Anne's Glory Box .... you can get the goodies in the shop online.