Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dolls in the Attic Revisited - September Dollies

Pretty in Pink - again! 

We all loved Wendy's idea of making books to house the "dolls in the attic" - beautiful pages and presentation! 

Bobbi receiving the dolls made for her during the retreat - thanks Connie for initiating this! 
One of Jackie's beautiful dolls and pages. 

Marg's magical underwater scene with mermaid and a really elegant page for your flat princess.  

more mermaids from Lorraine and Sharolyn

Vicki with her stunning work on the Barbara Willis pages and her felt dolls.  

Bobbi's inherited antique Chinese embroideries. 
 Dolores and tags she made with her friend from SA 
 Gloria happy with the results from "Dolls in the Attic" 


Gloria McKinnon said...

Gloria VERY VERY VERY happy with the results from "Dolls in the Attic"!

Judy McCarthy said...

Oh I love the idea of Dolls in the Attic!!I am going to put a link from my blog.Loved seeing the dolls!!
Love seeing Dolores showing her tags that she made with me while visiting in S.A.