Monday, June 24, 2013

June Hello Dollies

  Hello Dollies June meeting was an exciting day - the unveiling of the Santos Cage Doll Challenge! Congratulations to all who participated - your cage dolls are amazing and artistic interpretations of the historical figures.
 For more information about the original Santos Cage Dolls, go to, or my own blog
However, I think these creations are even more interesting,each with its own story. 
l to r: Brown Bird Cage Doll; The Bride and Lourdes Girl; Lace Butterfly Cage Doll
l to r: Shrine to Crochet; Purchased Santos Cage Doll reproduction 
l to r: Girl with Bird Cage Doll; Vintage Angel Cage Doll; Rustic Peace Cage Doll.

We also had our usual wonderful show and tell - there were other beautiful dolls, but I didn't manage to  take photos before they were packed away. Sorry ... 
  Souvenirs of Turkey 
Felt dolls and bedtime cuddlies 
The meeting was abuzz with creative activity We enjoyed a very busy morning working together - thanks to all for your attendance and your support.  

And again, a special "well done" to the Challenge 'dollies' ...