Sunday, October 2, 2011

Handmade to Help

After a  couple of weeks away, I am revitalised and have lots of new ideas .... I follow the Comfort Doll Project blog and was happy to see an Australian Connection in the most recent post. Here are some dolls donated by Australian dollmaker, Delys Brady . My Rotary club awhile ago made some little comfort dolls for our local women's refuges, but it is probably time again to restock. I also thought perhaps the Hello Dollies group might like to become involved and contribute to the Comfort Doll Project in Australia.
We already make sure that Centacare are provided with beautiful dolls and toys to be distributed at Christmas, and I am not suggesting that this should be abandoned at all. However, I am sure we all have a few small dolls that could also be donated as comfort dolls. I'll talk about it some more at the October meeting, but in the meantime, please consider this idea while I make contact with the Australian Coordinator of the Comfort Doll Project for more information.

See you at the next meeting 22 October - I will organise a little tutorial on making a luxurious looking chair for a doll. Best wishes, Wilma


Beth said...

Hi Wilma, I have just read your post and want to let you know that I am the co-ordinator for the Australian Comfort Doll Project. We would love it if your members could be a part of this worthy cause. Delys dolls are our first dolls received and are off to Sydney this week. Kind regards Beth Beglin (fellow Dollstreeter)

Wilma said...

Thanks Beth
I did get your address from the the Comfort Doll Project. Yes , we would love to be involved - is there a particualr size which is preferred?

Beth said...

Hi again, the dolls need to be 6 inches or less as they need to be something that the recipients can carry with them. Its your choice what you make, perhaps something cuddly? but a pindoll is a fabulous start. Any type of medium is welcomed, let the dolls flow from your heart. Contact me on anytime you need to ask questions. Beth Beglin