Monday, September 5, 2011

August Activities

What a busy month August has been for Hello Dollies...
First, the stunning display of dolls at the Newcastle Craft and Sewing Show was very well received and hopefully, has created a renewed interest in doll making. The Oriental Dancer dolls and the Seasons Challenge dolls were all wonderful. Thanks to everyone who contributed display dolls. Although they have been seen before, the opulent Asian Riches quilt and  the elegant Don's Ties quilt provided the perfect setting for the dolls and complemented and enhanced their quality.

Then just a week later, we had another vibrant meeting with lots of show and tell, especially as some of us had also participated in a workshop with Ann Maullin. What beautiful work - congratulations to all.

It was also the "joints" meeting so Ann had brought along lots of different dolls with limbs attached in different ways. We also revisited the fantastic books of Susan Oroyan to remind us of various jointing methods.
There was also some positive PR for doll making from the media coverage for the Timeless Textiles exhibition, so what a great month of "highs" for all doll makers ...
Regrettably I won't be at next month's meeting, but I know it will be another enthusiastic meeting - and it will be the beginning of the "new look" meetings with a focus on doll making techniques rather than patterns.

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