Monday, June 6, 2011

A Weekend with Sheilah

Embellishing  Groups and Hello Dollies members were treated to a wonderful weekend of workshops under the tutelage of  creative beading genius, Sheilah Cleary. It  was only a few weeks ago when Patti Culea visited Anne's Glory Box, and then, these last four days, we were privileged to learn some great techniques to make beautiful beaded foliage - flowers and leaves to enhance embellished crazy patchwork  quilts, or for dolls' costuming. Many of us have been fans of Sheilah's work for years and have not only tried to take classes with her whenever she has been in Australia, but have ensured her excellent books are in our home libraries. Sheilah's first book is now out of print and is in great demand worldwide, but the other publications are stilll available and highly recommended. ( Contact Anne's Glory Box for details) . I love these books especially  for their remarakably clear diagrams of techniques and step by step instructions.

Thank you Sheilah, for visiting, teaching  and inspiring us again in Newcastle. 

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