Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dolls for All Seasons

The long awaited "Seasons" challenge dolls were greeted with enthusiasm and awe last Saturday. The photo above shows detail of some of the exquisite work presented - the challenge was to "create your own fabric" for a doll using one of the basic patterns provided. What wonderfully creative results this challenge produced. Perhaps a little disappointing there were not quite a few more... but the finished ones were really amazing works of textile art.

 Other "Show and Tell" certainly did not pale into insignificance and the now expected high quality creations were exciting and inspiring . We had creatures great and small,  the exquisite and outrageous, new obsessions - embellishing by machine and mixed media art quilts, and a doll collector's Lenci treasures.

Good news : Hello Dollies will have a display of challenge dolls  at the Craft Show in Newcastle in August!

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Weekend with Sheilah

Embellishing  Groups and Hello Dollies members were treated to a wonderful weekend of workshops under the tutelage of  creative beading genius, Sheilah Cleary. It  was only a few weeks ago when Patti Culea visited Anne's Glory Box, and then, these last four days, we were privileged to learn some great techniques to make beautiful beaded foliage - flowers and leaves to enhance embellished crazy patchwork  quilts, or for dolls' costuming. Many of us have been fans of Sheilah's work for years and have not only tried to take classes with her whenever she has been in Australia, but have ensured her excellent books are in our home libraries. Sheilah's first book is now out of print and is in great demand worldwide, but the other publications are stilll available and highly recommended. ( Contact Anne's Glory Box for details) . I love these books especially  for their remarakably clear diagrams of techniques and step by step instructions.

Thank you Sheilah, for visiting, teaching  and inspiring us again in Newcastle. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life Drawing for Dolls

Have you ever made a doll which looked as though it wasn't balanced? Did you check if the ear was aligned with the ankle? This was one of the great tips we all learnt from Bobbi at the May meeting of Hello Dollies, with a brief introduction to life drawing basics. We actually learnt a lot more about the proportions of the body, how to create a mood and feeling by changing stance, tilt of the head, and drawing the face - all really useful for creating dolls, either realistic, fantasy or caricature.
There was also the now expected wonderful range of finished work for "Show and Tell", including warm woolly scarves, women warriors, Gail Wilson collectibles and a period doll in Gail's style and romantic fantasy soft sculptures. Four of our members had also attended the Newcastle Creative Embroiderers' retreat and explained the beautiful work from their weekend -  a redesigned, upcycled stylish denim skirt, art textiles, and art dolls.

And just a reminder - next meeting the" Seasons"  ( make your own fabric) challenge dolls will be unveiled. If you would still like to join in this challenge, please call the shop for a pattern... really looking forward to seeing these wonderful creations. I am very busily now working on mine to have it ready!