Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can you see birds in the splodges?

This generated a lot of good humoured discussion at March Dollies - not this beautiful art quilt, but the question.... When I was sure I could see bird shapes not only as appliques but also in the "bleached" shapes in the background fabric in this art quilt ( pictured)  there was a lot of  laughter and wondering what sort of substances I had been taking! We were small in number and big on enthusiasm and fun at March Dollies.... Show and tell included:
creatures great and small,
beautiful ,
 and prize winning.
 There was much more, but I think I got so engaged in admiring everything I forgot to take photos.
There was also an amazing array of patterns to swap - everyone went home with something new to inspire their next creation.  Next month - the focus is on faces!

 Link to my felt ball tutorial

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