Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Puppeteer and Miracle Worker Shelley Moses

 We were truly spellbound by Hello Dollies special guest, Shelley Moses and her wonderful puppets. Shelley is a master puppeteer and is one of the few puppeteers in Australia who makes her own puppets. Shelley introduced us to many of her friends, and as a credit to her talent, most of the time, we forgot that Shelley was there. 

 Shelley  has previously been a teacher and used puppets in her classroom for storytelling, teaching and classroom management. Currently, Shelley works in aged care and these puppets have made an unbelievably positive impact on the lives of  those she comes in contact with. Shelley told us of miracles these puppets had performed  - reaching out and  touching the lives of children with disabilities and adults with dementia.  I won't ever forget the heartwarming stories of the connections with individuals suffering sadness and exclusion that  these puppets have achieved when  human medical teams, skilled experts and family members  have been unable to make a difference. I could feel the joy of the mother who heard her elective mute child talk for the first time as one of Shelley's puppets!
 Patience is certainly the star of Shelley's entourage and a really delightful character - no wonder she is so loved by those in Shelley's care.  Thank you Shelley for sharing your remarkable story, introducing us to your friends, and offering workshops so others can make their own puppets with their own personalities. Please contact Anne's Glory Box for Shelley's details.

 We also had another wonderful "show and tell " session with newly created art dolls and reborn/remade period dolls.

 And for those who hadn't started the May challenge doll, some inspiration and ideas for making your fabric. 

It was  lovely to have Gloria with us for our February meeting, and we of course celebrated the 35th Birthday of Anne's Glory Box in the best style we know - with a yummy cake and fantastic discounts off our purchases!

 Thanks to all who attended and made it such a happy and uplifting meeting. Remember that next month is a "pattern swap" - please check that all information and pattern pieces are included in the pattern(s) you wish to swap.