Monday, January 24, 2011

New Challenge: Seasons

This intriguing face launched the new doll challenge at Hello Dollies last Saturday.
This beautiful painted and embroidered art doll, owned by one of our Dollies members was created by Sydney textile and fibre artist, Trudy Billingsley and inspired the idea for the new challenge – SEASONS. This one is quite different from our usual. Using one of the “simple” patterns provided, the challenge is to create “art” cloth to make the doll’s body, with the theme "Seasons". The fabric could be felted, embroidered, layered, collaged, painted, stamped, computer generated image printed, silk screened , woven – or a mixture of techniques! And now with all our scissors sharpened, we are ready for the challenge. I can hardly wait to see what wonderful ideas our talented group can create!

Our January “show and tell” session was amazingly diverse, wonderfully creative and exceptionally inspiring. We enjoyed and admired beautiful examples of :
 boudoir dolls,
 Gail Wilson style dolls,
 Miss Fantastic ( Jan Horrox pattern)
animal spirit totem dolls,

 elegant ballerinas,

Elder Elves ( Peggy Wilson Pattern) - the musician actually plays his guitar!

special dolls from a special secret pal,
eco-printing ( eucalyptus flowers)


sculptured steam punk and other whimsical characters.
Congtratulations on work of such high quality, using such a wide range of techniques and thank you all for sharing. Have a creative month, and gather those ideas for the challenge ( May is not too far away!)
Best wishes from Wilma. 
PS If you were not at the meeting, I am sure you will be able to pop into Anne's Glory Box and ask for a copy of the challenge patterns.  

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