Monday, November 29, 2010

Bedazzled by Buttons

 November Dollies were bedazzled by the array of buttons on show last Saturday - button collections of all ages and categories, button dolls, button jewellery and more. These ones ( above) were my favourites - vintage garter buttons. These were buttons attached to stocking garters as hemlines rose in the 1920's , hence the "flapper" look. Some of these are recent- the ones at the back are hand embroidered and some are made from beautiful kimono silk.  It was also interesting to see and hear about Shirley's collection of 'name" buttons - buttons with names of companies on the buttons. We might have been familiar with the Jeans West buttons, but it was fascinating to see buttons with names of local  companies of the past.

Most of us loved the button jewellery on display and came home with kits to make the necklaces like this.
 These dolls with button hair from Gloria's collection were much admired and Fay made some little dolls just waiting for some cute button coiffures.

There was the usual fantastic new work for "show and tell" from our members.

And lots of other fun including secret pals' identities revealed....
Thank you all for contributing to such a delighful and enjoyable Dollies meeting - see you at the Christmas party and keep working on the Christmas beetle challenge/gift.  Here is another photo of Chye'in's originals. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Guess the theme for November Dollies?

Just a reminder that Hello Dollies will meet in Newcastle on Saturday 27th November at the new home of Anne's Glory Box at 5 Portland Place, New Lambton. Please phone Fay if you neede a lift from the railway station.  Yes - the theme is buttons, so bring along your favourite buttons, button dolls and other clever ways you have highlighted buttons.