Monday, October 4, 2010

Mando Thanks Sydney Dollies

Thank you, thank you to Hello Dollies Sydney friends who so generously donated funds to purchase sewing machines for Mando village in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. I ordered four sewing machines from a shop called " Brian Bell" - the machines were ordered from the Port Moresby store and then were transported to the Goroka store and were there waiting for me when I arrived. A friend then brought them back to the village for me in his little truck.  The whole process reminded me that we take so much for granted.  The machines are hand operated, manufactured by Singer. They are better than treadle machines for this village as they are more easily transported and of course, do not depend on the unpredictable or in most cases, non-existent electricity supply. It is difficult for me to describe how good a gift this has been for the women, girls and boys in this village, but perhaps you can see the joy, pride, concentration and determination  on their faces....
Anna and Rebecca making special cushions for the corner chairs for cerebral palsy children

Girls' sewing class

Women's sewing class

Boys and girls hand sewing

Boys' sewing class

Girls demonstrate the new machines for the AusAid delegation

Choosing fabric in Goroka store

Pleased with fabric purchases

Unpacking the machines

Hanging the new curtains in the school multi purpose room.

Wilma - wearing a "meri" blouse  machine sewn by one of the village women

After purchasing the machines, scissors, pins, needles, machine oil and other accessories, some of the teachers in the school went into Goroka to choose fabrics. There was enough money to buy many bolts of cotton fabric for curtains in the multi purpose room, school library and the teachers' houses  and cushions for special needs students - with lots left over donated to the school  for future classes. I still had money to buy materials and supplies for more knitting and crocheting classes, too .

When there was still money left, I thought you would not mind if I spent what was remaining on a water tap for the teachers' housing compound. Part of our project was to improve the water supply and install guttering and water tanks in the school , so I am sure you will think that this was a great use of the remaining funds - clean running water! This is the tap you donated....

And if you are still not convinced that your donation was gratefully received, needed and valued .... here is Jeremy, very proud of his sewing  - you certainly can't put a monetary value on that smile.

Thank you Sydney Dollies - tank im yu tru ....
For more information  about the project, please have a look at this Video clip

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Anonymous said...

Gee Wilma, what a heart-warming post. I didn't know Singer made hand operated machines.It would be interesting to see how the wheel works. You must be so thrilled with the project.
I feel humbled that a simple item like a tap, makes such a huge difference to a village.