Sunday, June 20, 2010

Are you ready for the July Challenge?

The July challenge is only a month away now. Yesterday at the Newcastle meeting, we reported on our progress. Some of us were a little hesitant - "umming and ahhing", but others had the evidence to show their progress. Here are a couple of photos to prove that this challenge has inspired some great work already. Both of these dolls are going to look fantastic when they are finished. The challenge began in March and it was to find a doll pattern we had always wanted to make, but hadn't got around to making a start yet. Fay has names recorded, so it will be such a great unveiling if we all get our dolls made for this challenge.

The July meeting in Newcastle will be as usual on the third Saturday - 17 July and the Sydney meeting will be the "Christmas in July" party -24 July. Many of the Newcastle "dollies" are hoping to take the train down for the "Christmas" party. Hope everyone has those dates marked on the calendar.
PS Hope you like the new  template and format.