Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What's happening at the May meetings?

 I was at Anne's Glory Box today and was feeling a bit negligent that the last post in this Dollies blog was before I went to Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. At the April meeting in Newcastle, I showed some of the interesting textiles and embroidery I saw ... the photo is a close up of a Laotian priest's robe. In Sydney in April, felt pin cusions were created from recycled jumpers, and this was done at the May meeting in Newcastle. I would love to publish some photos. Please send them to me or to Fay at Anne's Glory Box.  

Just a reminder too, that the July challenge is only 9 weeks away. Do you remember which pattern you nominated to make? I have progressed to getting out the pattern from my storage box!

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Anonymous said...

That's a good start Wilma!!
Looking forward to seeing the photos.