Sunday, March 14, 2010

Doll Patterns I've Been Meaning to Make - March 2010

What a great idea and what a challenge for Hello Dollies! At the March meeting, we have  been asked to bring to the meeting a pattern  for a doll which we have been meaning to make for awhile but somehow haven't got around to it yet. The challenge is to make  up that pattern before the July meeting.  Sounds easy, doesn;'t it?
First problem - I have quite a few patterns which fit the criteria and had a difficult time deciding which one. I narrowed it down to three - Rock-a Bye Baby ( Christine Shively, the Art Deco Tassel Doll ( Arley Berryhill) and  Harlequin  ( Karen Cunagin - A Woman's Toys) .
Second problem - the name of the pattern will be recorded at the meeting and that is a commitment , so no  " cheating". In July,  everyone will be expecting the doll nominated.
As I will be away for the March meeting , I must make the decision now, as I couldn't  commit to making all three.  I have  eventually decided on  Harlequin, as I had even selected fabrics some  ??? years ago.
Really,  this challenge is not at all as serious as I have made it out to be - it's all fun amongst friends, and a way of motivating ourselves to make some dolls!  Hope you will join in this challenge!
Sorry, I won't be at the March meeting, but see you all in April.

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