Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oriental Dance Challenge Exhibition

Hello Dollies members from Sydney and Newcastle rose to the challenge once again. We were very fortunate to have Ann Maullin's elegant "Oriental Dance" doll pattern to work with for our 2010 challenge and the results were absolutely stunning. Above is Fay Bowen's regal Chinese doll  ( I called her Empress Wu) which was the winner of the challenge. Congratulations, Fay, the costuming of this doll is exquisite, and certainly displayed Fay's eye and skill for fine detail.  There were also three highly commended dolls - Camilla's creative "puppeteer" interpretation with a theme of butterflies; Margaret's elegant cherry blossom geisha in a soft white and pink kimono, and Jackie's delightful dancing geisha in a rich purple brocade kimono.
 All of the challenge participants are to be congratulated on such a high standard of work and each was admired by many during the weekend exhibition. Everyone, of course, had his or her favourite, and each doll had her own charm and appeal. I know that Ann Maullin, the doll pattern designer was really thrilled to see such beautiful interpretations of her pattern. I encourage anyone who has her doll half made to be inspired by the dolls we had on display.  Well done to all the challenge participants - Fay, Camilla , Margaret , Jackie, Connie, Lynda ,  Maureen, Michelle, Leslie, Chris, Kathy, Vicki, Sharolyn, Ann and Wilma.

We would like to thank all the Dollies members who looked after the exhibition, the dealers of Antiques and Collectables especially Lyn, Dean and Saxon; and of course, Gloria and Fay from Anne's Glory Box for setting up and organising this wonderful exhibition.