Monday, January 25, 2010

A New Year's Challenge

The first Hello Dollies meetings  for 2010 in Newcastle and in Sydney were abuzz with ideas for the new year's challenge - Oriental Dancer, a beautiful, elegant doll designed by Ann Maullin. Ann demonstrated the process of using gesso on the head of the doll, and I talked about various approaches to costuming the doll, other than Ann's suggestion in her pattern. Fay also had wonderful photos from her holiday  and the  Balinese dancers gave us even further inspiration for face colouring. Thanks for these photos, Fay.

Thanks Ann, for giving us a few extra tips for using gesso and sanding to a smooth finish.

Some people are born to be elegant dancers, and some clearly are not !

Here are some websites you may find helpful :
How to wear a kimono
How to tie an obi
How to tie an tiko musubi
I couldn't find the source of a photo I had of an embroidered costume from the Chinese opera "The Peony Pavilion" so have given you a little glimpse of  it.  Apologies, but I am sure once you search using the key words "peony pavilion" you will find some amazing images which will not doubt inspire you.
I wish you all well with the challenge - how exciting! I can hardly wait to see them all completed.  Now to work on mine...

Here are some wonderful photos of "Show and Tell " at Newcastle Dollies - congratulations to all on your fine creative interpretations.

And here is the doll pattern of the month - hope to see many versions of Bubbles  at the next meeting.

Remember to bring your challenge dolls and exhibition dolls to the shop before or on Wednesday, 17 February . See you at the Craft Expo in Newcastle!  regards from Wilma