Sunday, August 16, 2009

Help - Dolls Past and Future

Is anyone able to help please? One of our Hello Dollies members has "uncovered" a doll which she thinks belonged to her grandmother. Any information about this type of doll would be much appreciated. This was not the original dress, and while the marking is not very clear, perhaps someone will recognise it. Please leave a comment if you can provide some information.
I had the great pleasure of working today with a student who is putting the finishing touches to her doll - a major work for the Higher School Certificate. We met at the Hello Dollies July meeting in Sydney, and it was great to see the doll come to life today. Not so much help was needed, just a boost of confidence - all the best for the HSC from Hello Dollies.


Erica said...

Hi Wilma
the HC on the doll (guessing that is a copyright symbol in the middle) made me think of Harold Chapman of the Sydney Doll Hospital, he produced his own dolls through the 1940's but looking through my doll books I can't find any pictures of trademarks that he might have used - I'm sure someone who knows their dolls better than I will have an answer for you,

Wilma said...

Thanks Erica
I'll pass the information on. This is a good lead from which to investigate further. Very useful info - many thanks.

FaerieMajikk said...

not sure if you have found the info with regards to the antique doll but just incase:
It is a doll by:
Horseman Doll Company

Here's a bit about that particular doll which i am sure it is:

1931 Little Buttercup, 12" or Buttercup 16-19" tall, first dolls have a composition head and limbs with cloth baby body, in 1932 Buttercup's head was replaced by hard rubber so it became an all rubber doll, came dressed in a lovely sheer dress with matching bonnet, marked: H © C. or E.I.H. Co. or H c Co.

hope this helps

Wilma said...

Many thanks for responding - the owner of the doll is delighted to get this information.