Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fairy Shoes at Hello Dollies

Fairy slippers, elf shoes , dancing shoes, party shoes, shoes to wear when mischief is a afoot... At Hello Dollies, we had all loved the little fairy shoes which Doris made. At our last meeting in Newcastle, 16 May, Doris demonstrated her layered fabric technique .... felt, viliesofix, bling, glitter, angelina fibres and organiza or chiffon. This is what makes her shoes so beautiful.
The pattern Doris uses is the one published in Stitch magazine, No. 50 - the "Fairy Slippers" article by Annette Emms

Who could resist trying to make a pair? Everyone present at the meeting experimented and prepared some layered fabric , so expect all sorts of fabulous shoes creations next meeting. Some just couldn't wait until the Dollies meeting... here are some other interpretations

For more photos of fairy shoes, go to

It was a very happy and lively meeting, with such beautiful show and tell pieces. There was lots of discussion about the upcoming Barbara Willis workshop, with everyone excited about making "Danielle". Remember to prepare your little surprise for the Christmas in July combined birthday party in Sydney. Bring a finished item to the June meeting and we will also make another at the June Newcastle meeting, so there will be enough for everyone. If you were not there to receive the pattern, please contact Wilma for the instructions. Sorry, it can't be posted here as it is a surprise!

See you in Sydney on 23rd May, and in June -20th in Newcastle and 27th in Sydney .
Best wishes, Wilma

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