Thursday, February 19, 2009

Craft & Quilt Fair - Setting Up

Today, a happy band of crazy embellishers and Hello Dollies members helped to set up the absolutely spectacular display at the Craft and Quilt Fair in Newcastle. Our intrepid and creative leader, Fay, only had to give a few directions and everyone placed, pinned, checked and displayed. Thanks, Ann, Anne-Marie, Kathleen, Linda, Fay B, Marion, Marg L, Bev, Chye In and I was there, too. We all enjoyed setting up such magnificent work.

If you live in the Newcastle area, please make sure you make a visit this weekend- this display iunique - embellished dolls against a backdrop of exquisitely embellished quilts.

Tomorrow, I will feature photos of the 19 Mrs Chalumeau dolls (and the one Mr Chalumeau) entered in the Hello Dollies challenge. The lucky winner will receive a signed copy of each of the new books by Patti Culea and Barbara Willis. It will be a very difficult decision for the judge(s) . Each one of them is fantastic - lots of embellishment, embroidery, beading and exotic trims. Many thanks to all the Dollies members, both Newcastle and Sydney, who met the challenge and created such wonderful dolls of an exceedingly high standard. Make sure you follow this blog to see photos of them . See you at the Craft Fair,


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Kathleen said...

The display looks magnificent!

Great team effort!!