Monday, January 12, 2009

January 2009 : Leather Flowers Demo

Best wishes to all for a wonderfully creative 2009.

As you have probably read in your hard copy newsletter, talented Newcastle Dolly member, Vicki Leeke ( pictured left) will be demonstrating her fantastic leather flowers at the January meetings. I know that Vicki has been working hard over the holiday break to prepare a great demonstration with examples of how these leather embellishments can enhance dolls' costuming. As many of you know, Vicki is a Lenci doll collector and expert . In the short time with Hello Dollies, Vicki has extended her skills with her felt dolls and is now making the combination of leather and felt her trademark. Please do not miss this meeting ... 17th January in Newcastle and 24th January in Lindfield. See you there, regards, Wilma


Judith said...

Lucky club!! Would love to see this Demo. Paerhaps Dolores will tell me about the Demo. We have been Pen Pals for many years now.I feel I know you through her letters!

Wilma said...

Hi Judith
I will let Dolores know that you are following this blog.
best wishes,

Judith said...

Wilma, just wanted to tell you about my explorations with Patti Medaris Culea's neww Book. What a gem!!I feel so inspired. Is there anyone in your club who is using this book? Also is anyone inerested in doing a Fan piece to swap with me? Do you have anyone who would like to do a Pin Doll swap with me? The "Fan" is explained in Patti's book.