Friday, December 26, 2008

Dollies Beaded Star Instructions

Abbreviations: b=bicone (4mm) ; g= gold bead (size8) ; s=seed bead (size11) ; r-rice pearl
pnt = pass needle through; pu= pick up on needle
Colours of course may be substituted, and the rice pearls could be replaced with bugle beads.


- thread needle with about 1 m of waxed nymo thread doubled or Fireline.

- pu 1b, take needle through again leaving a tail of thread - stop bead. (1)

- pu 4g +1b , pnt first b threaded (2 & 3)

- pu 4g +1b, pnt original b threaded and pnt 4 g

-pu 4g +1b, pnt second or third b threaded

- pu 4g and pnt all g to form a circle around the bicones.

Round 2

- pu 3g ,miss next g, pnt the following g. …. Repeat until circle is completed i.e. 8 clusters of 3g. pnt 2 g so needle is coming from middle g in a cluster.

Round 3
pu 1r +1g,+ 3s, pnt g, pu 1r, pnt centre g of next cluster. … Repeat until completed i.e. 8 star points.


- pnt 1r, 1g, 2s
- pu as many seed beads to make the length of the hanger you want ( I used an odd number, eg 11 or 15 ) ; pnt 1r and 2 s to return needle to a bead in round 1, and finish off thread with half hitches to secure. Knot ends of thread and cut close to knot.

If you use thread other than recommended and prefer your star to be a little more rigid, paint it lightly on the back with a dilute mixture of PVA glue and water ( or you can use clear nail polish).

Hope you enjoy making these little stars,
Regards, Wilma

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