Friday, December 26, 2008

Dollies Beaded Star Instructions

Abbreviations: b=bicone (4mm) ; g= gold bead (size8) ; s=seed bead (size11) ; r-rice pearl
pnt = pass needle through; pu= pick up on needle
Colours of course may be substituted, and the rice pearls could be replaced with bugle beads.


- thread needle with about 1 m of waxed nymo thread doubled or Fireline.

- pu 1b, take needle through again leaving a tail of thread - stop bead. (1)

- pu 4g +1b , pnt first b threaded (2 & 3)

- pu 4g +1b, pnt original b threaded and pnt 4 g

-pu 4g +1b, pnt second or third b threaded

- pu 4g and pnt all g to form a circle around the bicones.

Round 2

- pu 3g ,miss next g, pnt the following g. …. Repeat until circle is completed i.e. 8 clusters of 3g. pnt 2 g so needle is coming from middle g in a cluster.

Round 3
pu 1r +1g,+ 3s, pnt g, pu 1r, pnt centre g of next cluster. … Repeat until completed i.e. 8 star points.


- pnt 1r, 1g, 2s
- pu as many seed beads to make the length of the hanger you want ( I used an odd number, eg 11 or 15 ) ; pnt 1r and 2 s to return needle to a bead in round 1, and finish off thread with half hitches to secure. Knot ends of thread and cut close to knot.

If you use thread other than recommended and prefer your star to be a little more rigid, paint it lightly on the back with a dilute mixture of PVA glue and water ( or you can use clear nail polish).

Hope you enjoy making these little stars,
Regards, Wilma

Monday, December 22, 2008

Newcastle Christmas Party

Merry Christmas from Hello Dollies! Please remember to put the next meeting dates in your new 2009 diary - 17th January in Newcastle and 24th in Sydney.
Chistmas dolly hugs from Wilma

PS Coming soon - visual instructions for the beaded Christmas star.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Exciting News

EXCITING NEWS - put these dates in your 2009 diary !
  • "Hello Dollies Goes Crazy" exhibition at the Newcastle Craft & Quilt Fair , Newcastle Entertainment Centre, 20-22 February, 2009.
  • Barbara Willis will be conducting a workshop on 30 & 31 May 2009 at Anne's Glory Box .

For more information, please check your Hello Dollies newsletter, December 2008 issue or phone Fay at Anne's Glory Box , Phone 02 4961 6016 to book your place in Barbara's workshop.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

November "Hello Dollies" meetings

The theme for this month's meetings will be felt... with a little needle felted activity for you to complete if you wish. Please bring wool tops (roving), a felting needle and a dense sponge if you want to have a go at needle felting or I am sure that you will be able to have a go with one of the embellishing machines available.
What has felting got to do with Dollies, you might ask . I think the simple answer is :" as much as you like" - for example the pattern of the month has a lovely little felted jacket which really makes this doll something special and magical.
Anne's Glory Box has some special additions for your felting stash - felting needles, curly mohair in many beautiful colour combinations, silk prints ( like the one I used in one of the samples), sheets of felt for embellishing, and just stunning embellishment packs and novelty yarns, and of course, beads, buttons and sequins. AND really great books on needle felting - I bought one! Remember to ask about the fabulous Colour Streams felted bag which Ann Maullin has been teaching as a workshop in the shop recently. That's when my obsession with felting really kicked in.
Here are some samples I prepared - nuno (wet felting), fulling (felting already made items in the washing machine), needle felting (dry felting) and some machine and needle embellished "arty" pieces.
Please phone or visit the shop if you need some supplies for felting or if you have any inquiries about the samples. Hope to see you in Newcastle or Sydney. Happy felting ...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Great Adage Challenge continued

The Newcastle Dollies really excelled themselves with their entries for the 2008 challenge. The winner was a fabulous doll by Chyein Curtis, "The early bird really does catch the worm" when it comes to sales at Anne's Glory Box - I missed out on this one with 50% off. This trendy shopper looks smug as she has certainly got the bargains. Congratulations, Chyein - we all thought it was a great interpretation of the saying and all those miniature goodies in her shopping bag - what a stash! The journal on a roller as part of the doll stand is brilliant.
There were also many other great dolls and creative entries... Congratulations to all - the standard was excellent - outstanding work from everyone.

Dolores made " Mrs Baker" who was "a friend in need is a friend indeed" from her childhood. Connie's challenge piece was a recycled bag - proving the saying " you can;t make a silk purse from a sow's ear" wrong... it is a beautiful bag, constructed from shoulder pads and an old blouse, highlighting Patti Culea face stamps

Jackie made two dolls to illustrate "youth is wasted on the young" - two friends - one who remembers the good old days and the other, dressed in her flamboyant dancing outfit, is making sure she has the best time right now. "A stitch in time saves nine" was so well displayed by Helen Sims' doll - a Miss World Jennifer Hawkins and that notorious wardrobe malfunction. Nine stitches just held up the draped skirt, nevertheless revealing a red lace g string. Very clever, Helen!
Fay's exquisite sleeping beauty is a rose by any other name ... and sleeps peacefully on a bed of silk embroidered roses - her dress is also silk, with tiny silk ribbon roses and appliqued leaves and vines - just beautiful. We all thought we were in for a bit of serious religious preaching when Normea produced her bible and her adage" a little bit of what you fancy does you good" , but when she opened the good book, there was Adam and Eve with just a few leaves strategically placed. We enjoyed your humour, Normea.

Lynda's "Queen Bee" totally outfitted in a honey theme is a great interpretation of "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar". I thought this was a difficult saying to interpreat, but you did it really well, Lynda. A totally shocked angel was created by Margaret L. as the jester rushed by - what a thoughtful and beautifully made duo to convey " Fools rush in where angels fear to tread".

Bobbi's brightly covered interior and colourful doll were a surprsie . You can't judge a book by its cover. Bobbi has decorated the cover of the "book" in an 'Olde Worlde' stlye contrasting the cheerful inside. Robin's gorgeous little knitted doll is carefully weighing up the options as "she looks before she leaps". Well done Robin, on your first doll.Such an elegant leopard you have never seen. Michelle's embellished pick and green spotted doll - leopard/girl is a stylish interpretation of " A leopard cannot change its spots." For those who have made Patti Culea's sewing caddy, you will recognise the basic construction of Vicki's very clever creation "Too many Cooks spoil the broth" - and those three cooks have certainly been doing a bit of tasting! This challenge gave me the opportunity to finish my version of Patti Culea's doll, Vivianna - she was supposed to have her ugly boyfriend Boris proposing to her, but only his head got finished, so I took a photo and now she wears it in a heart shaped locket. "Love is Blind," but I think I also depicted "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." Even if I say so myself, the accompanying journal is great - pity it took so much time, and not enough time for Boris!
Thanks, for such a great challenge... see you at November's Hello Dollies meetings.
best wishes, Wilma

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Great 2008 Adage Challenge

The Challenge for our doll club members this year was to create a representation of an adage or saying. These were randomly selected, and could be represented as dolls, fabric pages, journals or other creative art pieces.

Pictured above is the prize winning pair of dolls created by Sharolyn Wright in the Sydney group. Her adage was "A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet". Her two dolls were created with a Peony in mind which is not technically a Rose but described by many as one. The dolls won by a resounding margin, although all the entries were creative and well executed.

This beautiful doll was made and mouonted on a board by Janelle Grange. Title "Love is Blind"

KathyLongmore created a "picture which painted a thousand words" - an embellished silk print extended onto a place mat shaped art work.

Fay King's Newcastle entry of "A rose by any other name" features beautifully hand embroidered roses on Sleeping Beauty's silk gown .

Ann Maullin's husband was away, Ann had the opportunity to create this fabulous doll accompanied by three felt mice. ... while the cat's away!

This is a close up of the most beautiful face Ann hand sculpted for her doll.

Ann Marie Bakewell wrote a wonderfullly creative book , inspired by a layout of stones she had seen and that famous adage.

Fay Bowen's adage was " A stitch in time saves nine" and so she completed many older projects UFO's - this pretty little doll's dress being amongst them

"Home is where the Heart is" - Fay King's Sydney entry is a dlightful hand embroidered cottage .

Lesley Hawtrey's challenge was "If life deals you lemons, make lemonade." Lesley created a beaded bracelet in seven sections to represent the seven decades of her life, each with its challenges and hopes.